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Make the weaning period less challenging.

Have peace of mind knowing your pig's gut health is setting them up for better health and performance beyond the nursery.

The challenge

Diet changes during weaning and trade-offs with soybean meal

Before weaning, typical healthy digestive systems maintain a balance between “beneficial” and “harmful” bacteria. When the source of nutrients change from sow’s milk to new ingredients during weaning, this balance tips. During weaning, new nutrient sources in the diet generate elevated amounts of undigested protein and carbohydrates that flow into the hind gut, promoting higher proliferation of harmful bacteria. More harmful bacteria leads to diarrhea, performance losses, and increased mortality rates.


Our solution - Provisoy™

Provisoy is a novel soy protein specialty ingredient designed to help make the weaning period less challenging through thermo-mechanically processing soybean meal in the presence of steam (HTM technology).

Provisoy has been shown to support:

  • Reduced fermentable protein levels to support gut health and consequently improve stool quality
  • Improved protein digestibility without removing oligosaccharides from SBM
  • Uniform growth especially for challenged pigs



Ready to make the weaning period less challenging
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