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Innovative Swine Nutrition and Production Solutions

Solutions that help improve your pork business

Cargill Animal Nutrition is your reliable partner, committed to enhancing your operations and delivering a dependable future. Leaders in innovation, we tailor cutting-edge products and services to your needs. Our expertise in nutritional programs adds tangible value beyond products, boosting your efficiency and profitability.

Purina's Utmost™ Blender – Fact sheet

Purina’s Utmost™ Blender is a protein supplement designed specifically to stretch your on-farm grains in less-than-ideal circumstances.


Purina's Utmost™ Gain Optimix - Fact sheet

Purina's Utmost™ Gain Optimix is a protein supplement perfect for mixing with you own on-farm energy sources.


Provisoy™ – Fact sheet

Provisoy™ has been helping our customers nourish uniform pigs and support gut health for more than 20 years and is backed by a world-class team of experts.


Young Animal Nutrition / Health x Nutrition - Fact sheet

Health x Nutrition is Cargill’s approach to the nutritional support of challenged pigs. By leveraging the content of our diets, we aim to mitigate the negative impact of health challenges.


PigTech Boost Program – Fact sheet

PigTech Boost is a highly palatable and digestible diet formulated with milk components, cooked cereal, organic acids, phytogenic substances, and prebiotics plus functional proteins to enhance intake, performance, and health.


Nuresse LacStart Topdress – Fact sheet

Nuresse LactStart is a unique topdress, designed for the transition pre and post farrowing. This topdress contains a blend of liver stimulating compounds, functional fiber and minerals to enhance liver metabolism and reduce the risk of constipation.


Producer Profitability Tool – Fact sheet

Learn about the six modules that make up Cargill’s Producer Profitability Tool and how they can help you build a better pork system.


Profert Supplement – Fact sheet

Profert Supplement is a unique supplement for sows during weaning to estrus interval (WEI) for better reproductive performance and more live born piglets.



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