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A variety of product offerings including: bulk deicing salt, as well as commercial, industrial and consumer salt products. Cargill salt is the world’s largest marketer of salt with the ability to sell over one million tonnes annually.

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Cargill is one of the largest marketers of life enhancing salt products. We serve five broad market segments with over a thousand different products in various shapes and package sizes. Cargill markets national and regional brands, including Diamond Crystal® and Pro's Pick® water softener salt products.

Food Manufacturing Product Families

  • Alberger® Flake Salts
  • Cargill® Pretzel Salts
  • Cargill® Sea Salts
  • Sodium Reduction Solutions
  • Microsized® Salts
  • Premier™ Brand Flake Salts
  • Reduced Calcium and Magnesium Salts
  • Seafood Processing Salts
  • Standard Evaporated Salts

Cargill also carries a complete line of snow and ice control products through our Road Safety business.

Locations in Canada

Québec: Montreal

Ontario: Pickering

New Brunswick: Sussex