Value Added

Cargill Value Added Meats operates four distinct federally regulated establishments in Spruce Grove, Alberta and in Brampton, Jarvis and London, Ontario. Cargill’s chicken and beef patty processing facilities are dedicated to an exclusive end-use customer, and a hatchery which provides chicks to contracted growers. CVAM is an active supporter of supply management.

The Spruce Grove and Brampton beef processing facilities employ approximately a combined 120 people and produces approximately 1.5 million pounds of beef patties each week.

The London processing facility employs approximately 900 people and process 80,000 chickens each day. The hatchery in Jarvis has 70 employees and, on average, produces 150,000 chicks per day.

Cargill Value Added Meats is proud to be the foundation partner for the Cattlemen's Young Leaders.Cattlemens Young Leaders logo

Locations in Canada

Ontario: Brampton, London, Jarvis

Alberta: Spruce Grove