Our Focus Areas

Food Security

Rural development child returns to schoolFood security exists when people have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food that provides the foundation for an active and healthy life. Cargill businesses contribute to food security by providing consumers with nutritious food that helps improve diets. Each year, we work with millions of farmers to help them raise more food more sustainably, reach more markets, receive fair pricing and improve their standards of living. We also collaborate with partners in the public and private sectors to find long-term solutions to hunger and ensure all people have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food. Over the last five years, Cargill has contributed more than $55 million to reduce hunger and improve nutrition around the world through partnerships with a diverse group of global, national and local organizations.

Responsible Supply Chains

We are working to tackle the complex economic, environmental and social challenges in our supply chains. We believe a responsible supply chain is one that respects people and human rights; produces safe and wholesome food; treats animals humanely; promotes the best, most responsible agricultural practices; and reduces environmental impact, including protecting the land and conserving scarce resources. Cargill works with business partners, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and communities to foster sustainable economic development and promote responsible practices.

Environmental innovation bioboilerEnvironmental Stewardship

At Cargill, our goal is to nourish people. It’s a simple, sincere goal that becomes more challenging as the world’s population keeps growing. Since crops that feed people and animals alike require clean water, air, soil and light to thrive, we must continue being responsible stewards of our planet’s natural resources. Cargill’s ongoing success requires our commitment to protect the environment every day.
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Food safety leadership laboratoryFood Safety

As an agricultural and food company, food safety is fundamental to Cargill’s ongoing business. Our goal is to provide high quality, safe food every time, everywhere. We recognize that our work in this important area is never done. Every day we work to earn the trust of our customers and consumers, beginning with the safety of the products we produce and extending to improving food safety around the world.
Read more information about Cargill’s food safety initiatives.

Community Engagement

Cargill helps build vibrant and stable communities where we live and work by supporting programs that provide long-term solutions to community issues, engage our employees and leverage their expertise, and offer opportunities to collaborate with others. We contribute 2 percent of our global consolidated pre-tax earnings, based on a three-year trailing average, to programs that improve nutrition and health, education, and environmental stewardship. Cargill's charitable giving reached $50 million across 57 countries in fiscal year 2016. Together, our employees, businesses and community partners make positive, measurable improvements in our communities.