Environmental Stewardship in Canada

At Cargill, environmental stewardship is a part of everyday life. It is engrained in our way of thinking and doing business and is supported by employees at every level and location.

When it comes to environmental issues, Cargill believes in continuous improvement. While protection of our water, air, soil and vegetation is certainly paramount, maintaining the status quo is not enough. We are confident that, with increased innovation, creativity, and teamwork, it will be possible to revitalize our natural resources and surroundings. This is a responsibility we all share —governments, businesses, communities and individuals.

Partnering with Ducks Unlimited

Since 1989, Cargill has been a strong supporter of Ducks Unlimited Canada’s conservation programs delivered through the North American Waterfowl Management Plan in the community of High River, Alberta.

As part of the water-treatment plant for its beef processing operation, Cargill has worked closely with DUC to establish the Frank Lake Wetlands Project, donating $375,000 in recent years. Water from the plant is treated to tertiary levels and then diverted to rehabilitate what was once a dry lake, restoring it to a healthy ecosystem for waterfowl and other wildlife. The Highwood River has also benefited from reduced effluent flowing into its waters.

Frank Lake is now recognized as one of southern Alberta’s most important breeding and staging areas for waterfowl and other waterbirds. It is also critical to wetland education programs in the area, and a popular spot for wildlife enthusiasts and school tours.

Water Matters

This international Cargill Cares partnership encourages employees, retirees and their families to learn about local water-quality issues and to get involved in programs and activities addressing those issues at home, at work and in the community. To date, Cargill has contributed more than $2 million for over 250 Water Matters projects completed by Cargill employees and partner organizations. We plan to expand our efforts globally in the area of water protection and conservation.

Toxic Reduction Plans – Ontario

Georgetown Toxic Reduction Plan (TRA) - PM10
Georgetown Toxic Reduction Plan (TRA) - PM2.5
Guelph Toxic Reduction Plan (TRA) – Ammonia