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Career Areas

Explore the range of jobs that power Cargill.

Animal Science

Every day, around the world Cargill’s animal nutrition and feed ingredient solutions are grounded in science and research, and tailored to the unique needs of feed manufacturers, retailers and livestock producers. Together, we provide better nutrition for better lives.

We empower livestock producers with a deeper understanding of animal nutrition and supply the feed solutions they need. Our tools and expertise in nutrition for feed manufacturers enable them to better meet their production goals and navigate market volatility. And our full range of feed retailer products and marketing expertise are 100 percent customer focused.

In 2011 Cargill completed the acquisition of Provimi, a global leader in premix and nutrition. Today, our animal nutrition business employs more than 17,000 employees in over 250 facilities in 37 countries, serving customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Whether you are an expert in sales, production, strategic marketing, formulation or supply chain you can help us further contribute to 88 years of deep technical knowledge while bringing efficient farming practices and reducing its global environmental impact. The sky is the limit when it comes to the size and diversity of our animal nutrition business. Come and join us to enhance our global formulation expertise and local customer understanding.

By being part of our family you will act as a trusted advisor who can make a difference to the lives of our famers and customers.

Do you want to be part of our success and help shape tomorrow’s nutrition?

Administrative & Customer Service Careers

A strong foundation is critical to the success of any organization

At Cargill, our people are our foundation which is why we place great value on employees and customers alike. We are in a constant search for caring, committed individuals who take pride in helping team members and customers succeed.

Corporate Strategy & Development

Do you aspire to be a global leader and make a difference?

The Corporate Strategy Development program within Cargill is one of the most exciting post-graduate leadership development opportunities available. You will gain solid experience in strategy as well as corporate development – from evaluating market entry opportunities to negotiating and structuring deals. You will have the opportunity not only to advise, but also to help the business implement your recommendations – whether you are leading an integration team or a profit improvement workshop at a plant. You will sit at the table and help the top leaders of one of the largest privately held companies in the world solve their toughest strategic questions. You will think about how to manage the risks and leverage the opportunities presented by the biggest global issues facing the world today – from food security, resource scarcity, and climate change to global trade flows and new technologies. You will grow as a leader – a leader with integrity, conviction and courage – and shape the future of our business.

Engineering & Operations Careers

What does it take to feed the world today?

Every day a bit more, but at Cargill we are up for the challenge!

Our plants need to keep up with the demands of our customers who want new and improved products for the market. Safety is our number one commitment, both the safety of our people and the food we produce and we are continuously seeking ways to further improve. We are also committed to decreasing the quantity of energy we use and reducing emissions in a significant and continuous way throughout our operations across the globe.

This means that our plant operations are constantly evolving and are places where you will be continuously developing and learning. We invest in our plants and our people so they can meet these challenges. We use our technical expertise and leadership skills, but also foster a supportive atmosphere so that everyone on the team can develop, reach their full potential, and ultimately contribute to Cargill reaching its goals.

Our plants need people who can make smart designs, people who can make courageous but thoughtful decisions in managing projects, engaged and dedicated people to run and maintain the equipment in daily operations, and people who drive our efforts to build a zero-injury culture across Cargill.

Career paths in Engineering and Operations at Cargill

  • Engineering: Smart designs mean smart plants. From the drawing board to the start-up of a new production line or energy-saving equipment, there is a journey that brings people together to give their best to deliver innovation, on budget and on time.
  • Process Engineering: New products mean new processes. Making things happen in a large scale operation so we deliver the product our customer wants is a challenge we rise to.
  • Food Safety Quality Regulatory: Throughout our operations, all our processes and procedures need to be setup to comply with the highest food handling and product standards. Read more
  • Maintenance & Reliability: A performing plant is a plant that runs efficiently and effectively. Most of our processing plants need to be - and are effectively - running 24/7. This is due to the thoughtful and rigorous work of our maintenance and reliability teams.
  • Production Management: Whether it’s a small stand-alone or large integrated plant, it’s our teams, not individuals who run our operations.
  • Environment, Health and Safety: This is not just about rules and procedures. We believe by living a culture of continuous attention and care towards our Environment, Health and Safety we will make a difference for our people and our planet. Read more

Human Resources Careers

People are our greatest asset

Our goal is to create a supportive atmosphere that promotes motivated, engaged employees—and provide the resources to help them develop to their full potential. Hiring, motivating, developing and retaining the right people is critical to our ability to deepen relationships with customers and fulfill our promises to the communities we serve.

Information Technology Careers

Be part of the team transforming how Cargill works

Connecting our many businesses spread across 60+ countries is no small feat – and our expert information technology teams are rising to the challenge. Join us and you might find yourself supporting Cargill’s key processes, business data, information, technology as we help shape our future.

Law Careers

Join a global organization with high levels of integrity and accountability

If you seek a dynamic legal career at a global organization with high levels of integrity, accountability and responsibility, look no further. Our law team manages a diverse range of global legal issues and partners with clients on strategic business decisions. At Cargill you will work in an environment that supports all perspectives and have the ability to balance between career and life interests.

Research & Development Careers

More than ever, we look to our technical teams to help fuel our future growth

To meet Cargill’s growth goals we need people with diverse technical expertise and backgrounds – people who take a creative approach to solving problems and who strive for the best solutions

Sales & Marketing Careers

We help customers be more successful through collaboration and innovation

Hundreds of Cargill products and services are meeting the needs of our customers around the world. From foodservice to financial and risk management, our sales teams collaborate with farmers, food companies, manufacturers, energy producers and financial providers.

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Be part of a team supporting our responsible sourcing efforts globally

Our strategic sourcing teams drive stronger connectivity, accountability and relationships among Cargill businesses. Not only will you drive tangible monetary value for the organization, but you will help minimize our environmental impact throughout our global operations to help conserve natural resources.

Supply Chain & Logistiek

Experience the art and science of moving goods across continents and countries

Moving massive amounts of raw materials from continent to continent and farm to factory is both art and science. Our supply chain, transportation and logistics teams play a critical role in helping Cargill and our business partners increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize our environmental footprint. We have few equals in the world in terms of the volume and breadth of materials we move, the numbers of customers we serve, and the significant numbers of partners we team with. Join a team that Cargill looks to for expertise, execution and value in the global movement of our many products and services.

Trading / Merchandising

Experience diversified, global trading markets

Today, our markets are complex and globalized, emerging markets are drawing the West into a multi-polar world of new suppliers and customers, from China to Africa.

At Cargill, we deal in a vast array of commodities from across the globe: grains and oilseeds, cocoa, meats, sugar, bio-fuels, ocean freight, power, gas and crude oil. Our talent network is home to the most sophisticated and energetic thinkers on the market. Cargill is the ideal launch pad to explore the world of trading, merchandizing, risk management and analytics.

Our culture

Our culture encourages empowering employees to make decisions, collaborate across trading commodity desks, build hands-on experience, and pursue international careers. Cargill’s trading business is highly diversified, which means access and exposure to an array of markets, commodities and regions.

We believe that our employees have a lot to learn from each other, which means Cargill’s trading environment is one of constant development. We seek and encourage diversity of thought, courage and conviction.

Career paths in trading at Cargill

Traders operate by taking positions in physical commodities, paper, or financial markets. They use sophisticated tools to maximize profit margins and interact with brokers, customers and futures exchanges. Our traders have high risk tolerance and consistently demonstrate high integrity and strong execution skills.

  • Merchandisers buy and sell cash and physical products by forecasting the fluctuation of prices and variables like weather, transportation and market psychology. They develop and manage relationships with suppliers, buyers and other customers. They are strong negotiators, relationship builders, and are insightful about local and regional market dynamics.
  • Risk management professionals monitor the market, measuring the risk exposure of existing positions and help identify market risk for the company and its customers. They work closely with traders and can anticipate risk by applying detailed and focused analysis.
  • Analytics professionals consider a broad range of inputs that optimize trading decisions and help provide insights to the traders. They are domain experts with a unique ability to understand, assimilate, and communicate complex and ambiguous information.